About Us

A few words about eNVy softworks

eNVy softworks is an award-winning interactive media development studio based in Patras, Greece. Established in 2017, eNVy focuses on combining artistic expression and technical expertise into interactive experiences that aim to educate, entertain and promote. We always strive towards a state of continuous improvement by leveraging the potential that new technologies bring into our field. We seek to collaborate with equally passionate clients in order to take on creative, innovative projects and ultimately deliver memorable experiences to the world.


Gamifying Learning

Having developed a large variety of games for teaching various subjects to students as well as professionals,  we believe that games are the most efficient method of teaching any subject. We can transform any teaching material into engaging educational games.

We Create

  • Virtual Reality Training Simulations
  • Gamified Applications
  • Educational Games
  • Corporate Training Applications

Old Institutions, New Mediums

When it comes to our cultural heritage, we are firm believers of providing everyone the opportunity to experience archeological sites, monuments and museums, in a realistic and immersive way, without the need for physical presence.

We Create

  • Archaeological Site Visualizations
  • Virtual Tours
  • Virtual Reality Museums
  • Augmented Reality Exhibitions
  • Digital Artistic Installations


Play is the highest form of research

Our team was brought together by our passion for video games. We continue making that passion a reality by creating challenging, original games for everyone to enjoy.

We Create

  • Game Design and Development
  • 2D and 3D Art
  • Virtual Reality Games Development
  • Augmented Reality Games Development
  • Mobile Games Development

Do you need a custom solution?

By utilizing our expertise in interactive media and our extensive network of partners, we are happy to work with you to create custom solutions to even your most specific needs.


We are all working together; that’s the secret


Striving for Excellence


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A big part of our company culture revolves around engaging with local communities all over the world. We routinely host and organize free workshops, talks, game jams and other events to promote game development as a potential career and share our experience and know-how with the people around us.

Office Address

Miaouli 62, Patras, Greece, 26222
Phone: +30 26130 25315
Mobile: +30 697 2187661

Working Hours

Monday-Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Saturday: closed
Sunday: Closed