About Us

Quick Description

eNVy softworks is a small team of indie game developers that came together in order to express themselves through a medium they all love and respect. They consume large quantities of cheap beer and burgers and sometimes produce thought provoking video games that try to challenge our notion of what video games should be like.

Early history

We started out as a study group for the Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras in late 2011. After about a year of tense studying we decided we wanted something more. We all loved games since we were young and decided to make one! We each picked a job and started right away! Of course thanks to our experience and unlimited amount of skill we managed to fail miserably. Our first game idea got way out of hand way too soon and no amount of work we could possibly do would ever catch up to it. So we did what came natural, we told ourselves we were working when in truth we were just procrastinating. One thing led to another and in the 27th of February 2013 we decided that we needed an identity in order to take things seriously. That day we decided we should become eNVy softworks.

The Rise of eNVy softworks

Here is the part you would expect some great success right? I mean if that were a movie, some time about now we would attend some life-changing event that would make us famous! Yeah…no. That did not happen. Instead we started figuring out more and more about game development and learned how to manage our workflow better. As you may know most of the time that is not enough to finish a project. Some members left, some new members came but no matter what we did, we did not seem to be capable of finishing any game. But we learned. We learned about everything, from game design and programming to marketing and public relations. We learned about new tools and techniques and started using them. Slowly but steadily we were becoming better. In October 2014 we started considering the possibility of attending the National Game Jam in December. What did we have to lose? We sucked anyway so why not see how the other developers in our country faired? Before we could decide another game jam was announced. Indies Vs PewDiePie! We decided it would be a good warm up for the Nationals. After 72 hours of rigorous developing we finally finished our first game. Sabotaz Inc.! It was not perfect, but it made us really happy! We finally managed to finish a game! You probably think that this is the moment right? You finally made it! Well no… We came in 645th out of 730 participants! Then the Nationals came in! 15th place out of 21. Apparently the internet was right. Sucess never comes overnight.


For the next six months we did not really know what to do. We started new games, froze old ones. At some point we started working on an idea based around gamification. We abandoned that, went back to game development, started a new project. Exams came along. We stopped once again. That was when I realized we were wasting our time. We lacked dedication, we lacked a regular schedule. It was time for that to change. We took the summer off to clear our heads. When fall came along we restructured everything. From communication channels to responsibilities within the team. Today, almost three months later we have managed to make greater progress than we did in the last 3 years combined.

eNVy the future

As you see there is no success story here. Nothing too grandiose or exciting. We are just some guys that try to make games because we like them. We failed and failed and failed again but we are still here. We may release more games, we may not. We want to and we will keep on trying to, no matter what comes in our way. This time at least we know exactly where we stand. We will keep on improving, keep on learning, keep on working. For us, for you the players, for making video games a better medium. After 3 years I think that I can finally understand why we chose to be called eNVy back then. We do not want for people to envy us. We never did. What we always wanted was to be able to look to the future and envy what we see. To envy that imaginary version of our team that has reached its full potential. We will stand our ground and build up until we can finally be all that we can. Maybe that will take decades, maybe it will happen tomorrow. Until that day comes we will be here working on our stupid little games, getting shunned by the world, just because that is what we like doing.