About Us

Quick Description

eNVy softworks is a small team of indie game developers that came together in order to express themselves through a medium they all love and respect. They consume large quantities of cheap beer and burgers and sometimes produce thought provoking video games that try to challenge our notion of what video games should be like.

We started out as a study group for the Computer Engineering Department of the University of Patras in late 2011. After about a year of tense studying we decided we wanted something more. We all loved games since we were young and decided to make one! We each picked a job and started right away! Of course thanks to our experience and unlimited amount of skill we managed to fail miserably. Our first game idea got way out of hand way too soon and no amount of work we could possibly do would ever catch up to it. So we did what came natural, we told ourselves we were working when in truth we were just procrastinating. One thing led to another and in the 27th of February 2013 we decided that we needed an identity in order to take things seriously. That day we decided we should become eNVy softworks.

Who are we?


Vasileios Karavasilis

Creative Director

Manolis Dimitras

Software Engineer

Irene Ioannidou

Art Director

Kostas Koukoudis

3d Artist & Developer