Taco Gun

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In Taco Gun, you take on the role of a mexicanpistolero; fighting with or against your friends in an absurd world where food is bullets, the only way to survive is to shoot your opponents full of tacos!


Taco Gun is an up to 4 player PvP party game about shooting your friends up with tacos and various other food items until they explode! Foodfight your way through 8 different levels, taking your pick out of 7 different characters each with unique weapons and abilities!

Every level in Taco Gun features unique mechanics and new obstacles to overcome. Take advantage of the situation and find creative ways to blow your opponents up!

  • Immersive Fattening System
    The more you eat, the rounder you get! You might walk slower, but bouncing around is still an option, as is taking a swig of Diet Tequila!
  • Parkour-Like Grace
    Wall Jumping and air-dashing couldn’t be easier! Hunger can be a great motivator.
  • 8 Insane Levels to choose from!
    Fight your friends across trains, factories or UFO-infested cornfields. Nothing is sacred, lather everything up with your choice of food!
  • 7 pistoleros, armed to the teeth
    They lie in wait, each has unique abilities and weapons, prepared for any type of foodfight. Find your favorite or pick around, either way you’ll enjoy it!
  • 8 unique music tracks for fighting to the death!
    Each level features it’s unique song, written specifically for it, making sure to keep that taco-chucking mood going!

reSTART U.P pre-incubator Mentoring

We had the chance to mentor potential entrepreneurs on the 2nd workshop of the pre-incubator “reSTART U.P”, organized POS Coworking Space and University of Patras.

The participants were more than excited to learn how to build a pitch deck,by Vasilios Karavasiles, and the importance of visual design, by Irini Ioannidou and Kostas Koukoudis.


A virtual reality exploration on the impact that individual voices have on society, the complexity of freedom of speech and the perversion of truth that results from living within a bubble of information.

The player finds himself surrounded by numerous heads, zipped shut, that stare at him/her waiting to be heard. As the player refuses to let them speak, the construct that lays in the background collapses, while if he/she opens the zippers the heads start shouting and each voice affects the construct by either reconstructing it or furthering its collapse. Although some voices form harmonies with each other, letting only the resonant ones speak doesn't necessarily result in balancing the construct. Additionally as most heads tend to change their "opinions", harmony is constantly being overturned and so is the state of the construct itself.

Created for the ART GAMES Game Jam in Athens, Greece.

Art Direction/Modeling: Christina Chrysanthopoulou
Programming: Vasileios Karavasilis
Music/Sound Design: Anthony Theodorelos

Learn More: https://envira.itch.io/cacophony


The Light Switch

A VR detective story inspired by greek noir culture
Jam year:
NARRATIVE - Unbranching?
Virtual Reality platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Dimitris Zoupos - Design/Script

Panos Sakaridis - Design/2D Art

Vasilis Karavasilis - Programming/Design

Konstantinos Mourelas - Art Direction/3D Models

Konstantinos Koukoudis - 3D Models/Recording

Yiannis Gkotsopoulos - Design/Voice Acting

Irene Ioannidou - Voice Acting

Mpampis  Mpoviatsis - Voice Acting

Emma Xenou - Voice Acting

Giorgos Tsoulos - Music

Sounds FX - Free Sounds

Global Game Jam 2018

Between the 26rd and 28th of January 2018 we had the honor of hosting our best game jam yet: Global Game Jam 2018

Everyone was super excited making games about transmissions!

Awesome games by awesome people!

Thanks Red Bull for being at our side for another year!

Let’s hope GGJ Patras 2019 will be the best year yet!