The Light Switch

A VR detective story inspired by greek noir culture
Jam year:
NARRATIVE - Unbranching?
Virtual Reality platform
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Dimitris Zoupos - Design/Script

Panos Sakaridis - Design/2D Art

Vasilis Karavasilis - Programming/Design

Konstantinos Mourelas - Art Direction/3D Models

Konstantinos Koukoudis - 3D Models/Recording

Yiannis Gkotsopoulos - Design/Voice Acting

Irene Ioannidou - Voice Acting

Mpampis  Mpoviatsis - Voice Acting

Emma Xenou - Voice Acting

Giorgos Tsoulos - Music

Sounds FX - Free Sounds

Rise VR

Rise VR is a sci-fi virtual reality puzzle adventure game for the Oculus Rift. Trapped in a mysterious planet, with an obnoxious companion, discover the secrets of an alien civilization.


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Toby’s Friendless Adventure

Toby's Friendless Adventure is an endless runner that uses Tobii's eyetracking technology as player input. The players have to look at the people that Toby passes by and wave at them.
Since they don't like Toby a bit they explode in anger!

Partners: Danaos Christopoulos, Odysseas Pastrikos

Death and Beyond



The only way out is death! Death and Beyond is a puzzle platformer about death and redemption. Your goal in this game is simple. Find a way to die in order to advance to the next level. Forget what you know about platformers. Why jump over the lava when you can take a nice boiling bath in it?

You've died so many times in all those other games, how hard can it be?


Thana wakes up trapped inside a room she has never seen before. She starts looking around for a way out when she trips. As she falls head-first into the pit she sees those menacing spikes approaching. "It's all over..." she thinks. She feels a sharp pain all over her chest. "I'm dead."
Her last heartbeat is slowly fading....
A few seconds pass. Then Thana wakes up trapped inside a room she has never seen before...


Play as Thana in her quest to escape from her prison!
Solve puzzles and help Thana die her way to the next level!
Explore dozens of levels inspired by places all over the world!
Character skins available for you to unlock!
Original soundtrack composed with love and care!
Beautiful digitally painted 2D graphics!

Newton’s Paradox

The year is 2512. The "Second Sun" our first manned space station has left the solar system! We finally thought that we would be able to find answers to the mysteries of the universe. We were wrong... We have lost contact with the space station.
You are in charge of XM-4326, an exploration droid with only one goal: Figure out what happened to the crew of the "Second Sun".

Will your partially broken anti-grav module be enough to help you reach your goal?

The Newton Paradox was developed in 50 hours during the 4th Hellenic Game Jam where it got 5th place. We are not currently developing the game actively but we may do so in the future!