Patras Game Dev Workshops

Patras Game Dev Workshop was an initiative by eNVy softworks, in order to enforce the game dev community and spread out the tips and tricks of gamedev in their local region, Patras, Greece. The workshop's duration was 6 weeks, from the start of November 2016, until mid December 2016, where the community gathered every Satarday afternoon and a member of eNVy Softworks originated on his sector, from game design, to graphics and scripting. The presentations were also live streamed and participants joined and watched online as well, from all across Greece. By the end of the fifth week all members, even newbies, had basic knowledge and skills to design and develop a prototype. In order to celebrate, but also to give them a real game dev experience, during the sixth week a 12-hour game jam was organized, leading to six prototypes, created by the participants, distributed in teams of 4, according to their skills. All events took place in Patras co-working space POS4Work.