Sabotaz Inc.

Humiliate the speaker and destroy his presentation in this 2D comedy shooter game! Ever watched someone giving a boring presentation preaching the 11th identical product his company is trying to pass as innovative? Well why don’t you hire one of the worthy people of Sabotaz Inc. ? Our company aims to deliver critical blows of humiliation to any speaker of your choice! No one is out of our reach as long as you have the money to pay for it!

Play as the most useless employee of Sabotaz Inc. in his lifelong journey to become the greatest saboteur ever! Our hero has only one goal in mind; to buy the ultimate weapon of industrial sabotaging: the “Corporate Destroyer 4000b”. Can you help him get the funds he needs by sabotaging any company that stands in your way or are you just another corporate sell-out?

This game was created in 72 hours for the need of the Indies vs Pewdiepie gamejam. After placing almost last we decided we should give it a little bit more work and due to our gross incopetence one year later we released a free revamped version of the game! Who knows maybe a mobile port could be under way?

Main Features

Re-live your school years by spitting balls to people standing in front of you talking gibberish.
Hillarious company parody logos.
Original soundtrack and mind blowing homemade recorded special effects!
Unlock the Corporate Destroyer 4000b in our awesome progress system!
Extremely frustrating gameplay!
Play Sabotaz Inc. here

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